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Sunshine Crew - Spanish Citrus

The hot new song Sunshine Crew. It's Spanish Citrus!

Josh and Nick's Boiling Odyssey: The Courgette

Josh and Nick do some boiling to fill in for Guy and Greg who are on holiday.

Guy and Greg's Cooking Odyssey: Cooked Breakfast

In Guy and Greg's most daring episode yet they attempt to replicate a most traditional of English Breakfasts.

Guy and Greg's Cooking Odyssey: Does Anyone Want Any Quiche?

Guy and Greg have a go at making a lovely quiche.

Guy and Greg's Cooking Odyssey: Kitchen Frolicking

Guy and Greg get down to business in the kitchen...with some stylish results and friendly tips along the way!

Poo Shoe: Part II

MC Poo Shoe's new single... Poo Shoe: Part II - Return of the Poo (ft. G.Wiz)

England Please Win The Football

This video is about how England should win the world cup for a change this year please.

Crazy Batman Prank

We told Mark that we caught Batman, but it isn't Batman... it's Craig.

Ode To Waluigi

Award winning poem by Sam Daly, a Canadian 4th grader, read by Sean Vanaman. Explores the character of Waluigi.

Crazy Police Letter Prank


MC Threat - Worst Song On Album

Video for Worst Song On Album. Please remember to give it a thumbs down and subscribe please.

UKIP Debate

Me and Nigel debate the economic and political issues regarding UKIP and EU membership.

Crazy Foot Prank

I pranked my friend Dec bad, he almost had a heart attack.

MC Threat - Mars (feat. Reza P)

The new single from the critically acclaimed MC Threat. Josh Thompson as MC Threat Joey Nathan III as The Pharaoh Nick Johnson as Danny The Martian Video by Joe Madden Download Album

Crazy Game Of Thrones Prank

I pranked my friend Nick bad, he almost had a heart attack. Enjoy, like, subscribe, smile. SPOILER ALERT. This contains spoilers for Game Of Thrones Season 4 Episode 2

MC Threat: I Would Change The World If I Could

I Would Change The World If I Could - Mark Tucker (feat. MC Threat) (Sunshine Remix)

Office Kitchen Dancing #3

I went to the kitchen to get a glass of water but then Pharrell Williams started playing and I was compelled to start dancing. Completely spontaneously.


Get fit, quick, with DickSharter's FitSharter.

Come Dine With Me: Episode 1

Four teams battle it out to see who can throw the best student dinner party. Will scientists Nick and Leo, the couple Vicki and Simon, the siblings Paul and Craig or the binge drinkers Anna and Alex claim victory. In episode one Nick and Leo host.

MC Poo Shoe

MC Poo Shoe is born.

Europe 2013

Josh, Nick and George went on holiday.

Epic Elephant Prank

I pranked my Nan bad, she almost had a heart attack. Enjoy, like, subscribe, smile.

MC Praise: When You Wish Upon A Star

MC Praise sings When You Wish Upon A Star

Liam Neeson's Birthday Cards

This week on Birthday Cards with Liam Neeson we read a birthday card for Guy.

Visit Europe: Southampton

This week on Visit Europe, we take a look at the city of Southampton.

Guy and Greg's Cooking Odyssey: Beer Cake

Guy and Greg take you on an informative cooking journey, delving into the realm of home baking. Beer Cake is a lesser-known cake extravaganza that has been attempted by students across the land. Few have succeeded in creating such an ingenious and delicious recipe but these boys very kindly and willingly offer their take on the cult dish.

Boxman Dance

James, Guy and Josh's (One Hat Four Ears) entry into the Boxman Dance Contest!

ECSexy: Trevor Reeves-Varndell

We helped single guy Trevor make a dating video for our sister site ECSexy.

Interpretive Dance

Josh and Guy move their respective bodies.

ECSexy: Adam Smith

We helped single guy Adam make a dating video for our sister site ECSexy.

Guy and Greg's Cooking Odyssey: Knife Saftey

Friendly tips for anyone unaware of the potential dangers lurking in the kitchen environment.

Dr Drools and The New Cross Adventures

Dr Drools is the most terrifying gore-fest to hit your internet screen.  This is the extended edition and has a far more terrifying/elongated credit sequence for your enterSPOOKment.

Guy and Greg's Cooking Odyssey: Teaser Trailer

Providing a sneak peak into the student cooking environment.  Delivering an eclectic range of mouth watering dishes in a friendly and relaxed manner, Guy and Greg entertain budding chefs with a casual yet stimulating approach.

Anonymous Interview with man

This man wished to remain anonymous and that's exactly what has happened. There is literally no way of telling this mans identity at all, EVERY possible measure has been taken.

Scrabble Online!

An advert for the scrabble game to end all scrabble games.

Saying Boo To A Goose

Josh Thompson performs another deadly stunt.


The Sotonémon theme song.

Tröjan Du Hatar

Josh, Paul, Nick, Holly and Craig try to sing/mime to swedish song Tröjan Du Hatar whilst travelling around Berlin, Prague and Budapest.

Honey Oats And More Honey

The boys from Paradise Lodge explain their love for Honey Oats and More Honey