ShartBox 360

Bread Buying Simulator 2000

Can you buy the bread? Steven wants some bread, it's your job and goal to make his dreams come true.

Fgtjcy Sheep

Fgtjcy Sheep is trying to get to the top of the game. Help him get to the top by clicking or pressing space to jump over the fireballs. Made as part of Flappy Jam.

Josh Groban: Olympic Sprinter

There are three things that the Dicksharter staff hold close to our hearts; The 100m sprint, Josh Groban and gardening. Without spoiling you, we've managed to combine at least 2 of them in this game!

Dan Wong's Battlefront

Everyone got sick of Dan Wong being super smart so they decided to put an end to him once and for all. Dan's only chance is to fight off the hordes of enemies by typing the word(s) they are thinking before they reach him.

Miller VS. Life

Fight your way through a day in the life as James Miller as you battle housemate Charles Gillam, girlfriend Jenny Binns and tutor Nick Clarke.

Dan VS. Life

Dan struggles on a daily basis with the simplest of tasks and is mocked relentlessly because of this.
In this game find out why Dan's life is as difficult as it as as you try to survive a whole day without dying.

Mark Chucker Soundboard

Prank your friends or just relive some of your favourite Mark sayings. This comprehensive soundboard will bring Mark Chucker's personality right into your web browser.