• 23rd November 2012

      Hawaii is the most southern state of America. Alaska is the most norther, eastern and western.

    • 16th November 2012

      Vincent Van Gogh only sold one painting in his lifetime and that was to his brother.

    • 9th November 2012

      Some frogs can move their eyes into their throat to help push down food.

    • 2nd November 2012

      The FBI's most wanted list has had a total of 466 people on it since it's official announcement in 1950. Billie Austin Bryant, is the shortest only being on the list for 2 hours. The longest is Víctor Manuel Gerena who was added in 1984 and has still not been caught.

    • 26th October 2012

      In order to deter flies from landing on him, Pepi II of Egypt always kept several naked slaves nearby whose bodies were smeared with honey.

    • 19th October 2012

      The 1959 film Solomon and Sheba includes a credit for 'Orgy Sequence Advisor.'

    • 12th October 2012

      A common disease for cow's is hardware disease and is caused by the ingestion of sharp metallic objects. An effective method of prevention is to orally administer a magnet that will sit in the cow's stomach it's whole life.

    • 5th October 2012

      Chinese leader, Mao Tse-Tung never brushed his teeth, his reason being tigers never brush their teeth either.

    • 28th September 2012

      There is a cash machine on every continent. In 1997 one was installed at the outpost of McMurdo in Antarctica.

    • 21st September 2012

      If you put a long piece of paper into a fax machine and, once then end come out attach it to the end that hasn't gone in yet you will create what is known as an infinite fax bomb.

    • 14th September 2012

      When in close proximity, large volumes of fire ants act like a liquid. For example, they can be poured out of a teapot.

    • 7th September 2012

      Early christians often had tattoos on their face or arms until they were renounced by a council of churches in 787 AD.

    • 31st August 2012

      It is estimated 1 in 10 Europeans were conceived in a bed from IKEA.

    • 24th August 2012

      Gypsies are represented in the United Nations with a voting seat.

    • 17th August 2012

      Some moths never eat anything as adults because they don't have mouths. They must live on the energy they stored as caterpillars.

    • 10th August 2012

      In Post World War II Germany laws to allow man to marry a second woman to make up for the reduced male population.

    • 3rd August 2012

      Calvin Cordozar Broadus, Jr. has stated he no longer wants to be called Snoop Dogg due to him becoming a Rastafarian, as Rastafarians take great offence to being called dogs. He now calls himself Snoop Lion.

    • 27th July 2012

      This year will be the first year cloned horses are allowed to compete in olympic show jumping after a controversial ruling from the official show jumping governing body.

    • 20th July 2012

      Mymaridae are a family of wasps that can be as small as 0.39mm long. That is smaller than some amoebas.

    • 13th July 2012

      Couples with a son are less likely to get divorced than couples with no children. Couples with a daughter are more likely.

    • 6th July 2012

      Rice Krispies used to have a 4th elf named Pow. Pow represented the explosive nutritional value of Rice Krispies.

    • 29th June 2012

      In professional football the most penalties ever taken in a penalty shootout was 48.

    • 22nd June 2012

      Fun fact Friday has been cancelled due to me being in the Czech Republic where texts cost much more to send.

      Please accept the discount code ******** as way of apology. Here is a not so fun fact as well. The english alphabet contains 5 vowels.

    • 15th June 2012

      In the Movie Antichrist, the main character cuts her clitoris off with a pair of scissors.

    • 8th June 2012

      Men get hiccups more often then women.

    • 1st June 2012

      Casu marzu is a sardinian cheese which is served with maggots inside it. The cheese used to be outlawed by european food hygiene laws.

    • 26th May 2012

      It is dangerous to eat a polar bear's liver due to the extraordinarily high amounts of vitamin A. People have died because of this.

    • 19th May 2012

      You can apply for a $4,000 grant from the U.S government if you plan to write a book and you are a U.S citizen.

    • 12th May 2012

      A snake species is prefixed with king if it can withstand other snakes venom enough to eat other snakes. Example: King Cobra.