The Dicksharter Times

Star Wars Summary By Someone Who Has Never Watched Them

To save you having to rewatch all the Star Wars films before watching the new one I will summarise them for you from what I have picked up from over hearing conversations and stuff.

Movie Review: IDA

Review of new summer blockbuster IDA.†

The Future of DIY Retail

Homebase is by far the best DIY retailer in the UK and perhaps the world but what is their secret that allows them to crush their competition so badly.


People often speculate what the next world superpower will be. Countries such as China, India and Wales are often suggested but people making these suggestions have made some assumptions we aren't so sure about.

Movie Review: Skyfall

We decided to spend all of DickSharter's money so we could get iMax tickets to see the James Bond movie. Here is a review/plot synopsis of what happened.

Why isn't Holly Young allowed a profile picture?

Holly Young, aka Editor-In-Chief of does not yet have a profile picture. This is not fair.

Celebrities Who Spelt Their Names Wrong

These people are dicks who can't spell.

Dicksharter Pumpkins

A collection of pumpkins carved by the Dicksharter staff.

Movie Review: Looper

If you haven't seen Looper yet you're in the exact same position as us, but that's not gonna stop us having a go at reviewing it, as we're desperate for content right now.

Things You Don't See Anymore

A list of stuff you (or other people) used to see but you don't see it anymore.

List Of Names Skells Should Name Her Baby

Emma from work is having a baby. We have a deal that if she names him one of the names from this list I will pay her £10.

Why do people hate Surrey so much?

We take a closer look at why the county of Surrey and the people who live their are hated so much?


A few easy disguises for when you need to hide your identity.

Michelle Obama

This is a story about the day I met Michelle Obama. We're now close friends.

Celebrity Art: Alex

A badass picture of the character of†Alex "Starburns" Osbourne, played by†Dino Stamatopoulos.

Barry Running Away From Things

You've seen Mo Farah running away from things but I bet you didn't know that Barry from Eastenders has been running away from stuff for years.

Is Duedil A Force Of Good or Evil?

It has come to recent attention of Dicksharter that there is no solid proof that the company Duedil is not an evil company. We took the initiative and found out a little more.

Celebrity Art: Jack Black

A drawing of Jack Black for the celebrity art gallery.

How To Throw A Dinner Party

The definitive guide to throwing a dinner party to amaze your family and friends.

Movie Review: Dark Knight Rises

A plot synopsis for a film called Dark Knight Rises which stars Anne Hathaway and Batman.

Celebrity Art: Ruby Wax

To celebrate the life's of the greatest people that wonder this world we at Dicksharter are complying an art exhibit made with a picture of every celebrity.