MC Threat - Mars (feat. Reza P)

The new single from the critically acclaimed MC Threat. Josh Thompson as MC Threat Joey Nathan III as The Pharaoh Nick Johnson as Danny The Martian Video by Joe Madden Download Album

Fun Fact Friday

23rd November 2012

Hawaii is the most southern state of America. Alaska is the most norther, eastern and western.


Sunshine Crew - Spanish Citrus

The hot new song Sunshine Crew. It's Spanish Citrus!

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Why do people hate Surrey so much?

We take a closer look at why the county of Surrey and the people who live their are hated so much?

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Dicksharter TV

Sunshine Crew - Spanish Citrus

The hot new song Sunshine Crew. It's Spanish Citrus!

Josh and Nick's Boiling Odyssey: The Courgette

Josh and Nick do some boiling to fill in for Guy and Greg who are on holiday.

Guy and Greg's Cooking Odyssey: Cooked Breakfast

In Guy and Greg's most daring episode yet they attempt to replicate a most traditional of English Breakfasts.

Guy and Greg's Cooking Odyssey: Does Anyone Want Any Quiche?

Guy and Greg have a go at making a lovely quiche.

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ShartBox 360

Bread Buying Simulator 2000

Can you buy the bread? Steven wants some bread, it's your job and goal to make his dreams come true.

Fgtjcy Sheep

Fgtjcy Sheep is trying to get to the top of the game. Help him get to the top by clicking or pressing space to jump over the fireballs. Made as part of Flappy Jam. http://itch.io/jam/flappyjam

Josh Groban: Olympic Sprinter

There are three things that the Dicksharter staff hold close to our hearts; The 100m sprint, Josh Groban and gardening. Without spoiling you, we've managed to combine at least 2 of them in this game!

Dan Wong's Battlefront

Everyone got sick of Dan Wong being super smart so they decided to put an end to him once and for all. Dan's only chance is to fight off the hordes of enemies by typing the word(s) they are thinking before they reach him.

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The Dicksharter Times

Star Wars Summary By Someone Who Has Never Watched Them

To save you having to rewatch all the Star Wars films before watching the new one I will summarise them for you from what I have picked up from over hearing conversations and stuff.

Movie Review: IDA

Review of new summer blockbuster IDA. 

The Future of DIY Retail

Homebase is by far the best DIY retailer in the UK and perhaps the world but what is their secret that allows them to crush their competition so badly.


People often speculate what the next world superpower will be. Countries such as China, India and Wales are often suggested but people making these suggestions have made some assumptions we aren't so sure about.

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Weekly Sharts

Queenie Lee's Terrific Track Tuesday #7

This week's TTT is from the About A Boy sound track but this song is not about a boy, it's about suicidal woman. It's 'A Minor Incident' by Badly Drawn Boy

Queenie Lee's Terrific Track Tuesday #6

This weeks TTT is something good by Alt-J. The song is called 'Something Good'. Did you know that Alt-J is a keyboard shortcut in Microsoft Outlook to move to the subject field.

Queenie Lee's Terrific Track Tuesday #5

This week's TTT comes from French singer songwriter Soko. The song is called 'Shitty Day'

Queenie Lee's Terrific Track Tuesday #4

This weeks TTT is The Box Tops with their first big hit The Letter from 1967.